The Joe Page Bridge

If you traverse the Great River Road from St. Louis up to Hardin, Illinois you might cross the Joe Page Bridge. The bridge is a vertical-lift drawbridge allowing large barges and cargo to pass beneath as cars wait for the bridge to lower. A unique experience, the bridge spans 1,728 feet across the Illinois River and is the largest in Illinois.

The bridge was named after Joe M. Page who worked as a designer, woodworker, and later Mayor of Jerseyville, Illinois.  As a designer and woodworker he is responsible for much of the high quality wood working in the historic homes of Jerseyville including the Cheney Mansion. A local editor of the Jersey County Democrat Page later become mayor of Jerseyville. He is credited with the creation of Père Marquette State Park, bringing much needed electric, water, and communications infrastructure to the area, and the construction of the bridge.

The bridge bearing Page’s name was dedicated on July 23, 1931.


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